My Story

Hi. I’m Jelisa! I’m so glad to connect with you here! I am a Mental Health Expert, Self-Love+ Mindset Coach and a Empowerment Speaker. After the birth of my son I made the difficult, but necessary decision to leave a toxic relationship. I had no desire to raise my son in an environment where they had to constantly witness their mother being verbally and emotionally abused. I spent years in an unhealthy relationship due to my codependency and abandonment issues. I lost my sense of self. I was terrified of being alone. It was only after the birth of my son that I found myself pleading to God to help me leave the relationship I was currently in. I knew deep down that if I didn’t leave it wasn’t going to end well for me. My mental sanity was slowly diminishing. I wasn’t happy. I felt lost and confused. 

When I began spending time alone I was able to understand the origins of my behavior instead of blaming myself and others. 

That was the beginning of me peeling back the layers of my childhood wounds, codependency and abandonment. I began transforming my mindset which helped me in becoming more self aware, set boundaries and love myself unconditionally. I have realized that I never lost myself, that woman I always desired to be was always there deep down. It just took work in digging deep to redefine and rediscover myself so that I don’t continue to repeat the same lessons and began making healthier decisions for myself and my son. 

My desire is for you to heal so your adulthood does not become an unconscious journey for your inner wounded child to seek comfort through toxic relationships. I created Women Worth Wealth Empowerment which is to help black women and single mothers understand the importance of self love and healing so that they don’t continue to repeat a generational cycle of dysfunction. I understand what it’s like to love someone to the point where you forget how to love yourself. Self-Love is an honor but it starts from within and I want to educate women on how to love themselves again, better yet unconditionally. When you take care of yourself, as a woman then that healing is passed down to your children.

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