About The CEO

Jelisa was born on the Eastern Shore of Virginia where she was raised by her maternal grandmother. Jelisa has always felt different even as a little girl. She never would of imagined that God would place her in a position to be the generational curse breaker of her family. Through much pain and even more healing Jelisa birthed a vision that inspires, educates and empowers women to love themselves and heal so that they don't continue the cycle of passing down pain to their children.

Jelisa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Salisbury University and a Masters of Education in School Counseling from Wilmington University. Jelisa is continuing her education to become Child Psychologist with an expertise in Trauma. She hopes to open up a local wellness center here on the eastern shore in the near future. 

Jelisa's primary goal as a Mental Health Expert is to bring awareness to the black community regarding mental health while continuing to break the stigma that has lead to generations of dysfunction. Her passion and experience has afforded her the opportunity to share her knowledge in a variety of settings where she has spoken on topics such as self love, single parenting, mental health, personal development. and more! Jelisa is a wealth of knowledge and has become a public figure on the Eastern Shore where she continues to advocate for affordable mental health resources.

In 2018, Jelisa gave birth to her son which forced her to made a difficult but necessary decision to walk away from a emotionally and mentally unhealthy relationship. She left feeling alone and broken, she found herself face to face with the Father who never left her side through it all. Jelisa stands firm in her belief that there is God and that he will help put you back to together if you allow him to. For so long Jelisa felt ashamed of her past and believed the lies of the enemy. With God guiding her steps she has began uprooting and healing the wounds of her past. With Love, Jelisa Payton is about a woman who is on a journey of healing after a toxic relationship, and finding herself in the process. 

Jelisa currently resides in Maryland with her son, Aspen. 

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