It’s Not About What You Have But How You Handle It

First Punch To The Heart!


In 2018, 3 months after I had my son I removed myself from a stressful and unhealthy relationship. Later spending years with this individual I had to confront the actuality of the problem and part ways.


Second Punch To The Heart!


Earlier this year I was diagnosed with MS. I automatically start thinking this wasn’t fair. Why am I going through this?


Earlier today I had my routine MRI appointment. The nurse asked me to stop moving my legs several times. If you’ve ever had an MRI then you know how uncomfortable it is. Not to mention my back has been aching badly lately which made it even worse. Anyway, immediately at that moment, my mind went to thinking about how this was my new normal. How I would more than likely have to live with this chronic illness for the rest of my life. Then the tears came. While the tears continued to fall the words of the song playing began to fill me.


Your grace—it reaches to the hurting

Still through the tears and the questioning why


I will stand my ground

Where hope can be found!


The song encouraged me and gave me a moment to take a breathe and self reflect on my life.

This is not the time to give up hope. Just as God has and continues to he will get me through this.

I’m human and sometimes when I pour, pour, and pour into others I forget that I need to take time to pour back into myself. That means giving myself grace. Just as God has given me time and time again. So today I was reminded, it’s not about what you have but how you handle it.

Staying positive doesn’t mean there won’t be times you aren’t happy. It means that even on the days you feel like giving up, remembering better days are ahead.

When you’re able to shift your mindset to see the positive even in the most challenging moments, then you begin to release the limitations you’ve set for yourself.

In this season of your life, how are you handling what is being thrown at you?

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  • Sis we all are going through very trying health issues not to lessen yours but I was saying it’s so unfair to have kidney failure multi health issues on dialysis sick all the time tired all the time,but God is about to show the world who his people are a mighty anointing is about to take place those dead bones are about to receive new life your suffering is not in vain pray seek the most high God and keep his commandments statues and laws to the best of your abilities she is coming for his children and their enemies will be defeated as well as death and the grave#Praylike you never done before#Don’tlettheliesofmantakeyourblessings

    • Barbara
  • You blessed me with your openness…Thank you…

    • Crystal Toomer