Look At The Evidence



You ever ask yourself why God is taking you through so much?

Do you ever feel like you aren't going to make it?

I want to challenge you to take a step back and look at your life. Every part of it.

Look at the EVIDENCE.

You are still living. Even after everything you've been through.

When I'm asked where my strength comes from I don't have to think about it.

God is my strength.

While I was in my sin, God still kept me. He still showed his mercy and grace for his child.

Even after I questioned his direction for my life, the evidence remains.

I remember the day I finally let go of every burden I was carrying about what had happened. I didn't have to say much. My tears spoke for me.

Healing starts in the HEART!

You can be walking around looking good on the outside and dying on the inside.

See, God made me a promises, and he kept those promises.

God promised me that I would finish graduate school.

God promised me my son wouldn't go without anything.

But more than anything God promised me that I would be okay. That I would get through this too, and live to tell the story.

He kept me. He continues to keep me.

No matter how much you question it, the evidence remains.

Below I want to share with you some self-reflection journalists I did after reading Psalm 23.

As God's child, I know he created me out of love and that I truly don’t have to worry about anything. God will provide for me. It’s my mind that gets the best of me in those trying times that I feel defeated. God created me with a sound mind.

He always comes right when you need him. He gives me direction, but it’s up to me to take it.

Even in my toughest times, he is still beside me helping me through the storm. God will bless you right in front of your enemies. He will fight your battles for you if you let him. God will lift you in your darkest moments and show you who has the final say. No matter where you are in life God is with you.


God will always be with you.

God has been my Shepherd in the most difficult times in my life. He has given me guidance in times where I am lost. He has loved me through all my mess. God has pushed me to keep moving forward when I feel like giving up. He reminds me of my purpose. He reminds me as he is guiding me through those trying times that he is in control and that he has the power to get me through if I just keep the focus on him and not the problem. No problem is too big for him. I know I must trust him. I know it’s only by his grace that I am still here. Living. Pursuing. Healing.

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  • Very true and inspiring. I feel like this is something that everyone needs to read.

    • Ty